Victor Oladipo may be the star Knicks are looking for

The New York Knicks are now busy trying to figure out how to rebuild, which they have been doing for several years. After ending another disappointing year, Knickerbockers are expected to skim the free agent market in the upcoming NBA season. There will be many names available but the right one may not necessarily be there.

One player they could try to consider is Victor Oladipo of the Indiana Pacers. The 28-year-old guard didn’t exactly have a great season, appearing in just 13 games due to a knee injury. The All-Star guard showed some rust, far from the shape that most are familiar with. Entering the final year of his contract, most expect the 6-foot-4 guard to do everything he can to increase his chances of getting a better deal in 2021.

The offers on the table for Oladipo will vary within the next summer. The Knicks could be one of them, especially if they can’t land on a much needed superstar this season. it remains to be seen if New York will invest heavily in Oladipo, given its stock of injuries. Although it has proven to be promising, it remains that the overall second choice of the 2013 NBA Draft has yet to reach that level that would rank it among the greats, ESPN reported.

If the Knicks consider him and make Oladipo a milestone, the greater responsibility that is attributed to him could push him to take his game to the next level. And if it works, the Knicks may have just found the player pointing them in the right direction.

Before thinking so far, Pacers still have the last word. In a previous post, it was mentioned how Oladipo would have to extend the contract. When he returned, it looked like he was on his way. But the trajectory changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Hence, a possible extension has been temporarily shelved for now.