Unlimited free agents with CAA connections: Lance Thomas and Ron Baker

Both former Knicks Lance Thomas and Ron Baker are CAA clients. Lance signed with CAA, specifically Leon Rose and Rich Felder, in January 2019. Ron Baker’s CAA ties go back to the 2016 NBA Draft. His agent, Mitch Nathan, was particularly helpful in getting Baker a 2-year contract, $ 8.9 million in 2017 which was immediately troubled by many in NBA media circles.

Of the two players, Lance has the best chance of returning to New York for a second period, especially if a player, who will be discussed later, returns. Baker last played for CSKA Moscow. Shoulder surgery has slowed his basketball season considerably since he impressed the Garden faithful during his season as a beginner.

While Lance doesn’t bring much on the basketball court compared to other players, his leadership has been noticed, especially during the 2018-19 season when the Knicks have accumulated losses in hopes of choosing the first place. Thomas was the team captain and, at the time, the longest-running Knick on the list.

Veteran leadership is often the key to developing a strong culture and player development. Lance’s hard work behind the scenes has been an integral part of the team’s development during his tenure and something that the current crop of players could evaluate, if a spot on the list is open for him.