Tyrese Haliburton ready for New York pressure

The prospect of the NBA lottery Tyrese Haliburton could find its way to the New York Knicks depending on how ping pong balls fall and the scouting reports that open up to the 2020 NBA draft. Asked about the possibility of joining to the Knicks and playing under the pressure of the lights of Madison Square Garden, the Iowa state guard accepted the challenge.

“Being in New York, there is always talk of the pressure of being a Knick,” Haliburton told Rachel Nichols of The Jump on Tuesday. “But I feel like it doesn’t matter where I go, the pressure I put on myself is more than I will get from anywhere. As far as I am concerned, regardless of where I am, I have the feeling that the pressure is considerable and will be more from me than from anywhere else. So I’m ready to play anywhere. “

Haliburton is expected to be selected anywhere between 2-7 in the upcoming draft, whichever derision you trust most. A recent derision released by The Ringer defines Haliburton as the absolute third plectrum, calling him a “brilliant director who can be a fundamental element of a contending team”.