Tom Thibodeau won Scott Perry to become coach of the Knicks

(Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images)

GM Knicks Scott Perry did not know Tom Thibodeau. And he still hasn’t shaken hands with new manager Knicks. Perry knew what he saw on the pitch: Thibodeau’s well-trained clubs.

Perry became convinced during Zoom’s interviews that Thibodeau was the right man for the job, supporting President Leon Rose’s initial instinct that he had ex assistant coach Knicks and ex client the favorite during the hiring process of seven. weeks.

Perry is still here – his contract was extended in May for another season. Perry’s presence was widely felt as he joined Thibodeau’s introductory Zoom press conference on Thursday. He is now in Disney World, exploring the reboot since each team is allowed one manager to live the scout.

New hires, senior vice president William Wesley and vice president of strategy Brock Aller, have also conducted coaching research and have a significant influence on Rose. Wesley and Aller were not present at Zoom’s press conference, but would probably have been included on a stage if it had been a standard Garden press conference.

“I really share the enthusiasm today with hiring,” said Perry at the press conference. “I have been in the league for 20 years. Even though I didn’t have a personal relationship with Tom, I seemed to know him a bit because we know many of the same people, we have a lot of respect for the same people. It is a very small sector.

“I knew this guy could train basketball. During this process, it allowed me personally to get to know the man better and really see how our personalities could unite and integrate. I felt really good about our time talking about basketball. It has many of the same values as the game I was raised in and it was made clear to me throughout the process. ”