Tom Thibodeau: Some of the plays Mitchell Robinson makes are incredible

New York Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau discussed Mitchell Robinson’s inspirational impact following last night’s 115-91 In-Season Tournament home win vs. the Charlotte Hornets (6 points/10 rebounds/2 steals/6 blocks/3-6 FG/+18 +/-).

(via SNY):

Reporter: “Plays like Mitch’s one-handed putback; are you numb to those type of highlight plays?”

Thibodeau: “The thing is his effort plays are special, because to me, it inspires the team. He’s not going to have a 40 point night, but some of the plays that he makes are just incredible, they’re great effort plays. Oftentimes there’s two, three, four efforts on the play, and he’s got bodies all over him and people are clamping and holding him; he’s still getting to the ball. That’s a credit to him. And then his pick-and-roll defense is terrific, rim protection is terrific. So all the intangibles that he brings to… I think… I say this all the time: I know his teammates have great appreciation for what he does, and coaches, our whole organization; but some people don’t realize the impact that he has.”