Tom Thibodeau mentions the change in the position of the Knicks G-League

The Knicks’ policy on the use of the West League Knicks of the G-League could change.

During his introductory call to Zoom, Thibodeau said that if a young candidate isn’t getting enough game time, there may be reason to explore sending him to the league.

“I think playing time is important,” said Thibodeau. “So if a young player isn’t getting the time needed for development, we will use the G-League. It has become an important part of our league. We will certainly take advantage of it. ”

There was an irony in Thibodeau’s statement. The idea of using the G-League Knicks to give huge minutes to lottery choices like Dennis Smith Jr., Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina has become the root of a debate between Craig Robinson, former vice president of player development / G- League operations and Knicks GM Scott Perry, The Post has learned.