Tom Thibodeau helps RJ Barrett to include the Euro Step in his repertoire

RJ Barrett struggled a lot with his shot rates at the end of the offensive. He has a propensity to take difficult and highly contested baskets near the edge. This was always so evident when he shot a measly 32.6% with a defender within 2 feet of him. While a better distance between floors can achieve faster results, one suggestion would be re-acclimatization with the Euro Step.

Barrett used the Euro Step to thwart defenders more frequently during his high school and Duke days. However, Barrett didn’t incorporate the Euro Step much during the regular season. Ironically, his first bucket as Knick came out of that move against the Spurs:

The Euro Step allows a player like Barrett to reach the circle more effectively. Barrett can use hesitation and change direction to get away from traffic in the paint. This, in turn, can help improve its efficiency around the paint.

Fortunately, Barrett has many players he can study for inspiration. He can immediately contact Steve Nash, his godfather, but it may be appropriate for him to watch the tape of his left-handed partner Manu Ginobili. Barrett has the body control and footwork to make the Euro Step a patented move in his offensive arsenal. It can only make him a greater threat at the end of the offensive.