Tom Thibodeau, a simply winning coach

Every team that Thibodeau has coached has managed to make the playoffs, whether it’s a coach or an assistant.

Focusing primarily on his experience as head coach, however, Tom Thibodeau has a number that works hard in his favor: a .589 hit percentage.

Thibodeau boasted a .647 hit percentage over the five seasons in Chicago. The Bulls have won at least one post-season series in three of these five campaigns, each post-season and reaching the Eastern Conference finals for the first time in 13 years.

Thibodeau has also brought Chicago to its only 60-game season and its only three 50-game seasons since Michael Jordan retired in 1998.

In Minnesota, Thibodeau collected a .475 payout percentage, a sign that Minnesota has only surpassed in two of the last 13 seasons that he has played without him as head coach. He led the 2017-18 Timberwolves to the playoffs, ending the franchise’s 14-year post-season drought.

Minnesota was 19-21 (.475) at the time of Thibodeau’s layoff in 2018-19, and has since continued to compile a record of 36-70 (.340).

Thibodeau was also assistant coach of the 2007-08 NBA Boston Celtics champion, the Knicks team that made the 1998/99 NBA finals and the Houston Rockets groups who had two 50-game seasons between 2004-05 and 2006 -07.

Thibodeau simply wins.