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Thibodeau: “Payton is an important part of our team”

From the opening night until the end of March, Elfrid Payton played 25 minutes per game. In April, he averaged 19 minutes per game. In the Knicks’ first game in May, Payton only played 14 minutes.

Payton’s 14 minutes came during a cracking victory over the Rockets. But it still looks like his role is shrinking as New York approaches the playoffs.

Asked about Payton’s minutes on Sunday, Tom Thibodeau didn’t explicitly say his role is dwindling.

“It’s how the game is played. It’s what you need,” Thibodeau said. “Someone else has made it – that’s the beauty of this team. They all support each other, they put victory first. Someone else is doing well, you run with them.

“There is not a big difference between our starters and our bench: they are all interchangeable. I see our boys on the bench as starters. We are lucky to be in that position. So bring only the things you carry. Like L ‘ I said all season, Elfrid is an important part of our team. “

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