Thibodeau on the trade deadline: “We will do our best for the Knicks”

Tom Thibodeau wants to prioritize equilibrium ahead of the trade deadline.

The Knicks have kept Houston’s combo guard Victor Oladipo on their radar, but a report says the Rockets are demanding more resources. Oladipo will be a free agent after the season and could be signed this summer without giving anything away.

Thibodeau even downplayed the idea that his philosophy is playoff-or-bust.

“It’s important for us to go step by step and not skip things,” Thibodeau said. “The goal this year is to build a foundation and the right kind of habits. Wherever it takes us, it leads us. Our players responded. In this league, you’re always looking first for player development, then look at the project and free agency, then trade. You never stop working in all four areas. Every day this is how we can improve the team. This is where we focus on coaches, front offices and players. We are all tied together. We will do what’s best for the Knicks”.