Thibodeau must solve the point guard situation

Among the most important things needed to put the Knicks on the road to success, Thibodeau will have to solve the point guard problem.

The tip guard has been a constant question mark for the Knicks in recent years and the inability of current players such as Frank Ntilikina or Dennis Smith Jr. to assert himself since long term solution remains a problem.

New York Knicks will take the option for Frank Ntilikina

Whether Smith will remain on the roster by entering next season or if the Knicks decide to exchange him remains a question mark. But perhaps Thibodeau finds a way to rekindle Smith’s performance on the field, or perhaps he is able to unlock a more coherent Ntilikina.

Elfrid Payton made an impression this season, and it is possible that Thibodeau wants to withdraw his team option for 2020-21.

The big deal with all three? Nobody is a strong shooter.

Could Thibodeau try to make a guard point?

Whichever path he chooses, Thibodeau and the Knicks need to clarify the situation of the guard.

It has been evolving for several seasons. The Knicks record on that stretch is no coincidence.