The reasons why DiVincenzo will have his best season with the Knicks

In his Knicks debut this season, former Warriors guard Donte DiVincenzo often played above his position on the depth chart. Now with the Knicks, DiVincenzo can afford the luxury of a more organized structure, especially at the shooting guard position.

It won’t be far-fetched to predict that DiVincenzo will have the best season of his career with the Knicks. Shooting a career-best 39% from beyond the arc on five attempts per game last season, DiVincenzo demonstrated a versatility found in many and few in the tumultuous season the Warriors experienced last year.

Golden State Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry told Donte before the season, “We know you can play,” according to Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “You know you can play. I just have to show everyone for a year that you can play.

Now, an even bigger opportunity awaits DiVincenzo after playing 72 games and starting 36 last season.