The Pacers show off a majestic performance in attack and dominate the Knicks

To win Madison Square Garden in Game 7, Indiana needed an almost perfect offensive performance, and the Pacers shot an astonishing 67% from the field and 54% from three, sending the entire quintet into double figures. The game is constantly in the hands of the guests, who impose their pace, immediately go ahead by 15 points and then contain New York’s lukewarm attempts at a comeback. The Knicks are lower in terms of energy and end an otherwise positive season on a bitter note.

In Game 7, which was effectively dominated by Indiana, there was a lot of Tyrese Haliburton, who finished with 26 points, 6 assists and 6/12 from three, but who above all played the charge for him when the Knicks tried to get back into the game . And as a corollary of all there is the continuous dialogue with the New York public, demonstrating how the Pacers approached the match without any awe.

Even when Haliburton takes a breather, the Pacers’ attack doesn’t stop because T.J. comes in from the bench. McConnell, who in addition to confirming himself as a decisive defensive presence, also scored 12 points and distributed 7 assists. Not only that: Andrew Nembhard (20 points and 8/10 from the field) and Aaron Nesmith (19 points without shooting errors) took on heavy responsibilities in the key passages of the match, becoming the surprise protagonists of game 7. Now the Boston Celtics are waiting for them.

OG Anunoby’s presence lasts just the opening 5 minutes, Josh Hart is clearly limited by physical problems, Jalen Brunson suffers and then has to abandon and then Donte DiVincenzo tries to keep the Knicks afloat with 39 points with 9/15 from three . The great evening of “The Big Rag├╣”, however, was not enough to prevent the Knicks from being eliminated in front of their own audience.

He was the most anticipated player for New York, but Brunson’s game 7 was not up to the standard of his heroic playoff performances thus far. The Knicks star suffered from the start, appearing not at his best, and ended his game of 17 points and 9 assists with 6/17 from the field well in advance because a fracture in his left hand forced him to watch his team’s season sinks under the blows of the Pacers.