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The Pacers continue to have interest in trading for Gordon Hayward, it’s interesting to Knicks

Something to watch out for once you find out when NBA teams can start trading: Some within the Pacers organization continue to have an interest in trading for the Celtics’ Gordon Hayward, according to SNY sources.

It is unknown what Boston would want in exchange for Hayward – or if the club is even open to transfer him.

In an NBC Sports podcast in June, the Indianapolis Star noted that Hayward would be a player of interest to the Pacers in the off-season.

Hayward, who starred in Butler, can become a free agent by giving up the last year of his contract, worth about $ 34 million. It’s hard to see Hayward give up on his deal without the guarantee of a long-term extension in place.

Why is this important to the Knicks and Nets? As reported by SNY, the teams have been keeping an eye on Indiana as a possible trading partner since the last offseason.

Last summer, several teams asked the Pacers about Myles Turner trading before and after the NBA Draft, and got the impression that it would take a significant offer to get it.

ESPN reported before the free agency started that the Pacers rejected offers to the draft. The Indianapolis Star reported prior to the NBA Draft that Turner would not be moved.

This offseason, the intrigue around the Pacers will continue as the team has $ 58 million in 2021-22 salary pledged to Turner, Domantas Sabonis and Malcolm Brogdon.

Opposing teams are keeping an eye on the situation at Indy as the club will likely have to commit significant money to Victor Oladipo in the summer of 2021 if they are to keep him.

The Pacers will be able to exceed the limit to sign Oladipo. But it would take a significant financial commitment from Indy to keep the quartet of Oladipo, Sabonis, Brogdon and Turner intact.

ESPN reported that the Pacers and Oladipo had talked about an extension before the season, but concluded that it was better to organize the talks.

According to SNY sources, at one point in the extension talk between the club and Oladipo, the idea of ​​a four-year extension for about $ 80 million was proposed. Discussions about an extension haven’t progressed much from there, the sources said.

The Knicks have long considered themselves in a good position to trade with a star who is available in the market, as a front office member said in April “it’s the best path for us.” They have the capital project and significant limit flexibility.

Some in the organization see Oladipo as a strong bond with the team, but it is unclear how key decision makers view an exchange for him. He will become a free agent after the 2020-21 season.