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The New York Knicks want Talen Horton-Tucker

Talen Horton-Tucker was one of the revelations for the Los Angeles Lakers this season. Horton-Tucker is a solid defensive guard who can also shoot him from deep (36.4% from 3PT range). Horton-Tucker has been a good addition to the current roster guards – but it looks like Horton-Tucker may have the potential to be more than his limited role in the Lakers. There have been rumors of multiple teams chasing Horton-Tucker in free-agency. Sean Deveney reported on the situation. Having more teams wanting the young guard means Los Angeles will have to spend more to maintain their depth.

The Knicks, Mavericks, and Cavaliers are listed as possible destinations for the young guard. Of all of these, it seems the Cavaliers are the least likely – they already have a plethora of young guards and Collin Sexton is an extremely promising scorer. Darius Garland also looks like a solid shooter, so the fit of another guard on the roster would be questionable. If a team is acquiring Horton-Tucker, it’s to give a younger player a chance and give him good minutes. The Knicks are a slightly more intriguing destination for Horton-Tucker. The New York Knicks could use a solid 3 and D point guard, especially if that guard provides more scoring presence than Elfrid Payton. Payton can clog the floor for Mitchell Robinson and Julius Randle, so maybe a spacer like Horton-Tucker could be good. While there would be questions as to whether Horton-Tucker could carry out a crime, he would certainly be up for the challenge.

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