The New York Knicks have gained interest in junior college star Jay Scrubb

It was another turbulent season for the New York Knicks who fell to the bottom again. They fought to find a consistent stellar player to raise the team to the next level. Despite the multitude of high potential talent, one road they have decided to take is to look at potential customer Jay Scrubb.

While top talent like LaMelo Ball has had a taste of international competition, Scrubb is taking a more unconventional path. The six-foot-six shooting guard is declared the number one junior college recruit in the draft that comes out of the John A. Logan College program. For The Daily Knicks, the organization contacted Srubb for an interview. They are one of 22 teams interested in the talent prospect.

The left-handed is able to score from anywhere on the floor. With a combination of pull-up jumpers and an aggressive mindset, Scrubb has the ability to take on a game offensively. Considering the way he takes the ball into the paint, the defenses will find it difficult to stop the 220-pound athlete.

The Knicks could use a rejuvenated list given the way they have fought for the past few seasons. Although they have multiple talented players on their team, their depth hasn’t translated much into wins. There have been recent reports that rising stars Kevin Knox could be placed on the trading block as it did not meet expectations.

It has been difficult for the Knicks organization in recent times and having a consistent scorer can help the team in the long run. It will be too early to tell if Scrubb will blossom into a star, but he has shown the potential to fill the statistics sheet. During the last season, Scrubb scored 20.2 points per game and 8.9 rebounds per night to go with 54.9% shooting from the field.

The path that Scrubb has taken is certainly a unique path, but it still gives him a chance for the big leagues. It will be interesting to see how the Knicks organization plays its cards in this situation, given that they have tried to rebuild their franchise.