The New York Knicks assess the super star Damian Lillard

After a long stint in anonymity, the New York Knicks are back to play the playoffs this season. An extraordinary result by Tom Thibodeau, creator of the return of the Knicks NBA among the greats.

Clearly the Knicks don’t want to stop, rather they want to try to improve in order to reach better goals next season. To do this, the Knicks are on the hunt for a star to improve the squad.

The hottest name is that of Damian Lilliard, a player who could be the new star of the Knicks after Carmelo Anthony. Lillard is one of the best players in the NBA and is in the prime of his professional maturity. His arrival would certainly make the Knicks leap forward but they would also find themselves having to build a more balanced team.

The Knicks are considering how to move, also taking into account Lillard’s age of 31 who could influence the choices of the New York franchise.