The New York Knicks announce the reopening of the MSG training center

While the state of New York continues the reopening process, the state’s professional sports teams are starting to return to their training facilities. The New York Knicks announced on Friday that they had reopened their MSG training center according to local guidelines.

The full statement reads:

“The New York Knicks reopened the MSG Training Center today for voluntary player training. Since the safety of our staff and players remains our priority, we will continue to follow the guidelines established by New York State and the NBA. “

The move comes only a couple of weeks after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has sent a reminder to the teams to allow them to reopen in accordance with local guidelines. The Knicks, before Friday, were among the few final teams to announce the reopening of their facilities. Now, there are only five teams that have not opened their facilities according to the New York Times’ Marc Stein.