The Nets center says it would be “strange” to see Kenny Atkinson train Knicks

Kenny Atkinson could end up training within minutes of his previous NBA job, and one of his former players thinks it would be a strange sight.

Speaking with reporters Thursday, central Brooklyn Nets Jarrett Allen was asked about the possibility of Atkinson becoming the next New York Knicks manager. Allen replied that it would be “strange” to see him train their opponents, but that it would motivate him to play even harder against the Knicks, according to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News.

Atkinson, who was recently introduced by the Knicks for another interview, coached the nets from 2016 until his dismissal last March. 22-year-old Allen started his NBA career with Atkinson goals in 2017, becoming an excellent hit blocker and double double threat.

While Tom Thibodeau may still be the leader of the position, Atkinson clearly has not insignificant support for his application and his familiarity with coaching in the area must certainly be a point in his favor.