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The NBA teams that listened to the Knicks were looking to trade the draft for the best pick

Earlier this month, some teams told people around top prospects that the Knicks were looking to trade for a better choice in this project.

It is not known how much New York has looked into this possibility, but teams call each other daily to gauge interest in potential deals. So the idea that the Knicks were “examining” the possibility of trading is not necessarily a sign that they are committed to doing so.

Several opposing teams expect the trading price to be significant, so you’d think the Knicks should probably give up RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, or one or more future picks to go up. Just my opinion: I don’t see them mistaking Barrett to go up in this draft.

Who would New York rank at the top of the draft?

Before the NBA season resumed on the bubble, LaMelo Ball was at the top of the Knicks playmaker list. According to a New York Post report, the club is also in love with James Wiseman.

That report also stated that the Knicks were heavily considering returning to the draft. This would conflict with what the aforementioned teams were saying earlier this month.

A conclusion to be drawn here? New York explored all of its options prior to the project, including position No. 8 in general. There are still more than four weeks to draft night, which makes it reasonable to believe that each team is still exploring the different options available to them at this point.