The NBA playoff idea could leave Knicks in trouble

One of the various play-in tournaments that the NBA is considering includes a scenario that would keep the Knicks at home and that the Nets may have to make their way into the playoffs.

According to an NBA source, Thursday’s annual GM meetings held during the videoconference did not provide clear indications of how Commissioner Adam Silver supported himself, as well as hopes that the games would begin in late July.

“While there seems to be a time to restart, all return to game options remain pending,” said the source.

The crux of the matter is whether to bring all 30 teams back to the bubble site, which could end up being Orlando’s Disney World. The NBA said in a statement on Saturday that it had begun negotiations with The Walt Disney Company to make Orlando the solo site for the return of the season.

One scenario is the return of the 16 teams to the playoff position (the top eight in each conference). Another consideration is an intermediate mix, between 20 and 24 teams, which involves a play-in tournament.

In a reported play-in proposal, the top 10 teams in each conference starting on the March 11 standings would be back in action. The NBA closed that day because of the coronavirus.

Clubs ranked 7 to 10 would organize a tournament to determine the seventh and eighth suits.

The Knicks wouldn’t even make it to the bubble site without fans with this option, since they’re in 12th place at 21-45.

In another play-in option that The Post had previously reported, the top 12 teams would return to each conference.

Teams ranked 9-12 in each conference would fight in a play-in event – with the winner facing the current eighth seed to advance to the playoffs. That event would keep the Knicks alive to break their six-year playoff drought. The play-in ideas are to incentivize a return to the game for teams that were out of the pursuit of the playoffs, since playing more insignificant games of the regular season could encourage the tank.