The NBA executive laughs at the idea that Devin Booker is being trade by the Knicks

No matter how bad the Knicks are, they are continually included in trade talks involving almost all the big names in the NBA.

More recently, the Knicks have been linked to Suns star Devin Booker, whose team has not been able to surround him with the parts necessary to contend. While New York hasn’t gone much better, its central location in New York City gives them a lot of value as a team.

So do they have a chance to acquire Booker? Some say yes, but an NBA executive has gone so far as to laugh at the scenario.

Clearly, people have their doubts about Booker’s trade in New York. And honestly, there is no reason why they should be connected to the young star in the first place. Devin is stuck in a long-term deal with Phoenix and appears to have no intention of letting him go.

Also, if Booker leaves Suns, why would he join the Knicks? New York has been dysfunctional for years and there is no indication that things will change in this regard soon. Needless to say, no one should hold their breath on Booker wearing purple and orange.