The NBA Draft Lottery will be held on August 20

Once it became clear that the Knicks would not be invited to the NBA resumption at Disney World, the next item on the New York calendar was the draft lottery, but at the time it was not known when the annual ping party would be held. tennis.

Today, this question has been answered. The lottery will be held on August 20, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium. Less than two weeks to go! Therefore, the Knicks will soon know what pick they will have in the draft, which is currently scheduled for Friday, October 16.

Like many things in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the lottery will be virtual, which means we won’t have the usual stage reps sitting next to each other, trying to pretend they’re not so pissed off when their team is called before they would. wanted. None of the Knicks’ recent attempts to get Lady Luck to their side have worked.

Patrick Ewing’s appearance last year led to the third pick, which became RJ Barrett; in 2018, Scott Perry took the stage and the Knicks received the ninth pick, which turned into Kevin Knox. In 2017, Walt Clyde Frazier represented the Knicks, who received the eighth pick, aka Frank Ntilikina. In 2016, the Knicks didn’t have a dais rep because they traded it as part of Carmelo Anthony’s 2011 trade. He is probably more or less behind than we need.

The Knicks were the sixth worst team in the NBA this year and, according to, are more likely to get the seventh pick. There is, of course, a chance that the team will move up, and there is a 9% chance that the Knicks will have luck and get the number one pick for the first time since 1985.

The Knicks have been exploring the next draft class for a while – this is presumably why they’re keeping Perry around for now – so they should be prepared no matter what pick they get. No matter where they land, what the team does in the 2020 draft will be a major omen of how the Leon Rose era could go. Will he kill the draft or will the draft kill him?

We won’t know the answer to this question for at least a few more months, but at least finally there is some clarity on when we will find out which choice the Knicks will have. The franchise could definitely use a lucky ping pong ball.