The long list of the Knicks’ possible future HC

The New York Knicks have a long list of names as possible next HC. Of these, both Van Gundy and Hammon will be considered. The New York list is full of young players, so it is essential to involve a coach and staff who are able to develop players well. Both Van Gundy and Hammon are well regarded in that area. For what it’s worth, several coaches and people believe that it will eventually be Tom Thibodeau – if Rose doesn’t keep Miller.

This presupposition because, in part, because of the close relationship between Thibodeau and Rose. It is not as if there was a handshake agreement between the two men.

Also, I know that John Calipari has publicly stated that he won’t coach, but I still wouldn’t rule out Calipari as a Knicks candidate because of his close relationship with Rose.