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The Knicks want to try to convince Vassell playing for New York

According to Bleacher Report, the New York Knicks will look to Killian Hayes, Tyrese Maxey and Cole Anthony as options to guard at number 8. But they may hesitate on Hayes’ shooting, Anthony’s decision making, and Maxey’s disappointing tools / athleticism for a marker.

It’s hard to find many problems with Vassell, whose three balls and defense will always be valuable no matter how far the rest of his game develops. The project seems fraught with uncertainty, and the Florida State winger could offer the Knicks the long-term stability needed with its three-and-D skill set.

Ie comes as a safer and safer thing than a home run. But the Knicks might be able to unlock some untapped potential if they can get Vassell to keep building on his improved pull-up game and special shot production.