The Knicks still need more firepower after adding OG Anunoby

The Knicks recently traded for two-way star OG Anunoby, who was previously with the Toronto Raptors. Anunoby brings a strong defensive presence to the Knicks, along with the ability to score.

However, Anunoby is better suited as a tertiary scoring option. He is capable of creating for himself, but he is at his best when he plays someone else.

Anunoby’s handles are adequate, but he can sometimes struggle to get past defenders in isolation and is prone to turning the ball over.

When Anunoby has other playmakers to initiate the offense, he is lethal. When his teammates are able to throw the defense off balance, Anunoby can use his athleticism and high-level instincts to take advantage of the opportunity and make the defense pay.

While the Knicks have an elite creator in Jalen Brunson who can create plays for himself and others, Brunson is the only true perimeter creator. Brogdon would bring ball-handling skills as a secondary initiator, efficient scoring and additional defense.

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