The Knicks Realistic Trades Post-NBA Lottery

New York Knicks Send Choice No. 8, a 2021 first-round pick (via the Dallas Mavericks) and Reggie Bullock to the Warriors for pick no. 2 and Jordan Poole.

The Warriors would definitely like to get more for their pick than Reggie Bullock, a six-slot slide down the lottery and what is likely to be the first player in the next 1920s offseason, but it’s unknown what the market is for the their No. 2 will be the selection.

(Incidentally, the Dubs would have to add a little more salary along with Poole’s to make it work. But we won’t stay too focused on the details.)

These are the Knicks anyway, and after slipping to number 8, perhaps the new regime will feel more urgent to trade with the guy they want.

That guy could be LaMelo Ball.

Ball has question marks, just like every other prospect in this draft. But there is no doubt that he has superior vision, ball handling skills and a 6’7 “size to maximize both elite tools. New York’s point guard play has been abysmal for years, and neither Dennis Smith Jr. nor Frank Ntilikina showed anything in 2019-20 to suggest they can change that.

The Warriors could use Bullock’s long-range play, still get a quality perspective at number 8, and use the incoming additional pick to attach it to their TPE. It sounds like a solid win for the Dubs, but there’s also a chance that Ball is a very special talent that’s worth the cost of being traded to get it. If it is, the Knicks will take the lead.

They need to take a break.