The Knicks legend is sure New York needs Josh Hart

One of the best moves of the season the Knicks made in several seasons was adding Hart before last year’s trade deadline. The team was a mediocre 30-27 at that point, and once Hart was placed in the lineup, they immediately went on a nine-game hitting streak.

It’s no surprise then that Charles Oakley, the epitome of the hustle, is an admirer of Hart. During his 10 years as a Knick, Oakley captivated fans with his tenacity and willingness to do things like dive through the crowd to save a loose ball. And since he seems to recognize Hart as something of a kindred spirit, he believes the Knicks would be making a big mistake if they didn’t bring him back.

“If they don’t re-sign him, they’d be a .500 team next year”, he said on a LetsTalkKnicks podcast.

Oakley also thinks the Knicks should pay him, and pay him well.

“It’s worth at least $25 [million], I don’t care what they say. It’s what he brings to the table. It’s not about the money. He looks at some of these kids making $30, $40 million, they don’t deserve it. He’s making plays, like charges, loose balls, second shots… He’s putting his body on the line. Many of those kids don’t put their bodies on the line every night”.