The Knicks’ Josh Hart offers an honest look at JJ Redick’s coaching ability

JJ Redick has been in the news lately as there are rumors that he may be in the mix for the Los Angeles Lakers head coaching job. We’ll see how this plays out, as LA appears to be pursuing UConn coach Dan Hurley. However, it appears that Redick has some support within the NBA to become a coach one day, as New York Knicks star Joh Hart chimes in.

During a segment on The Roommates Show, featuring Hart, Jalen Brunson and Matt Hillman, Josh Hart explained that he believes Redick will be a good head coach in the NBA one day. The Knicks star even predicts that JJ Redick will have a coaching job “in the next couple of years.”

“He would be a fantastic X’s and O’s coach…he would put guys in the right position…he’ll definitely be a coach in the next couple of years.”

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