The Knicks have good feelings about taking at least one NBA star

The long-awaited and sought-after star has not arrived, but the Knicks are confident looking forward to next summer. The Knicks are a young team with great potential. RJ Barrett, Mitchell Robinson, Kevin Knox and Frank Ntilikina represent the Knicks’ present and future. Inserting some stars around these young people could bring New York back to the glories of the past.

And this is precisely Leon Rose‘s goal. The Knicks’ president wanted to maintain this arrangement so that he could then exchange someone for an important player. The feeling among some in the organization of the Knicks is that they have so many choices (again, seven in the next four drafts) that they can afford to send one or two in an exchange for a star. The Knicks want to be aggressive and take the opportunity to at least take a great player for next season.