The Knicks’ goal of winning a title is now more difficult

The Knicks had some interest in Jrue Holiday when Portland made him available, but the fact that they weren’t prepared to outbid Boston is indicative of the patient and cautious approach Leon Rose has taken since taking over the club’s front office, writes Begley for Begley still expects the front office to take advantage of their extra draft assets by trading for an impact player at some point, but New York is clearly waiting for the right opportunity to push its chips into the middle of the table.

The Knicks under Rose have been patient and cautious on the trade market thus far. They left Mitchell and Holiday. They didn’t jump at the opportunity to trade for Harden. Whether these decisions are right or wrong depends on your view of the current Knicks. But at some point, Rose and his crew will have to put in their chips for a major player.