The Knicks forward could have a new role

Josh Hart may be looking for a new role with the New York Knicks for the 2023-24 NBA season, and he’s up for the challenge.

Hart told Stefan Bondy of the New York Post that matchups will determine how he is used on the front line, and that being disciplined about keeping athletic forwards “off the glass” and out of their comfort zone rather than looking for something to eat will allow him to contain some of the best in the league at that position.

“It all depends on the match. Obviously, when I’m on the perimeter, I can go read the ball, and try to figure it out. If I play 4, my main goal might not be to catch the ball. It could be making sure whoever it is, someone like Aaron Gordon [of the Nuggets], who’s just a good offensive rebounder – strong and athletic – trying to make sure he’s off the glass by boxing him out.”