The Knicks could pursue a former All-Star for $31 million

The New York Knicks will look to improve before the NBA trade deadline. As the team has played its best basketball in recent seasons, this could finally be the year the front office tries everything it can to win a championship. while still a difficult task, the Knicks have talent on their roster that can contribute to a championship team.

There are ways to improve by the deadline and they are expected to pursue them. According to Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News, the Knicks have shown interest in former All-Star Gordon Hayward.

“Gordon Hayward is a popular buyout market candidate linked to the Knicks, as coach Tom Thibodeau has praised Hayward to the media before tip-off in each of two games against the Charlotte Hornets this season.”

Hayward, averaging 14.5 points this season, could be an above-average starter or sixth man for the Knicks. As Winfield alludes to, Hayward is a potential buyout candidate, which could be the ideal scenario for New York.