The Knicks’ coaching search remains ongoing and should end by the end of next week

The Knicks have yet to offer any coaches a contract and continue researching for the next week, although the franchise still hopes to get things done before the end of July.

This stems from new reports from Steve Popper from Newsday and Ian Begley from SNY. The last pot on the Knicks’ coaching quest is that no one has yet been offered a contract – not even the alleged Tom Thibodeau. Interviews and internal discussions are expected to continue next week and the Knicks still intend to find a new manager before the season officially resumes on the Disney World bubble on Thursday 30 July.

It has been speculated that the Knicks will try to untangle both a coach and an associated coach from this quest. Some have cunningly noted that it would not be ridiculous for Atkinson to accept a head coach position associated with this point; he could help the Knicks develop their young talent under Thibs (or Jason Kidd, or Mike Woodson, or anyone who gets the job with about 11 candidates), and then take a sharp break next summer for a head coach elsewhere. It could be nice, it could lead to fights between technical staff.

The only thing we really know at this point is that the countdown is officially active. Obviously, that countdown could be extended if the Knicks decide next week not to be ready to make a decision. So we don’t really know anything. Well, we know they interviewed a lot of people.

Hopefully, while we wait, there are some new Frank Ntilikina highlights to enjoy in the French summer league where he plans to play.