The Knicks checked about a superstar

The New York Knicks are looking for an NBA superstar. With a strong core to build on and capital that rivals anyone except the Oklahoma City Thunder, the pieces are there to make a deal.

For years, the Knicks were only used as leverage for players trying to get out of their current situation; no one really wanted to land in New York. But the tenor has changed in the franchise as they have what appears to be a winning and sustainable product.

One player the team reportedly signed up for was Zion Williamson of the New Orleans Pelicans. Former New York Post beat writer Marc Berman shared the scoop while appearing on The Knicks Recap podcast.

“New Orleans is still not convinced about Zion Williamson. Obviously the risk is there, all eyes are on him this season. I’m told the Knicks inquired about Zion during the offseason. It could be a possibility…”