The Knicks are not sold on Julius Randle as a long-term option

Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Julius Randle’s current season is completely the opposite of last season.

Randle had an infamous moment recently when he showed a thumbs-down gesture to Knicks fans, who weren’t very happy with his performance this season. Now, rumors have indicated that the Knicks are interested in bringing Pistons man Jerami Grant to New York. This could be a warning sign for Randle, considering both players are playing forward.

According to The Athletic (via New York Post), a potential move to Grant and the Knicks’ alleged interest in Myles Turner is due to them not being sold on Randle as a long-term option to lead them.

It’s plausible that Grant and Randle could play together as they are both capable of filling multiple positions, but if the Knicks are also looking to bring Turner, that could mean they don’t trust Randle. In many cases, the trades and moves in New York seem like a real possibility as they continue their efforts to return to the playoffs.