The Knicks are more interested in Bruce Brown than Dejounte Murray

After strengthening their starting unit with the acquisition of OG Anunoby, the Knicks have cooled the idea of trading for Dejounte Murray from the Atlanta Hawks.

According to Fischer, the Knicks moved from Murray to Brown, a versatile player who can play 1-4 and is cheaper to acquire.

“The Knicks appear more interested in Toronto guard Bruce Brown Jr., for whom the Raptors are seeking some return on the order of a first-round pick, than Atlanta’s higher asking price of two picks and then some for Murray,” Fischer reported on Feb. 5.

The Raptors are looking to get a first-round pick and a quality player in exchange for Brown, according to Marc Stein.

Brown essentially lobbied for a potential Knicks move when he and his new team, the Toronto Raptors, were in town last month.

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