The Knicks are back in pressure with the Sixers for their star

The New York Knicks are once again considering the trade with Joel Embiid. ESPN’s Nick Friedell rekindled this possibility:

“What if they come back in the postseason and this team can’t get past the brick wall that is second round? What happens then? Friedell asked about ESPN’s First Take. “It means that in a year we’ll be sitting here and the NBA world will be asking, ‘Has Joel Embiid had enough?’

Joel Embiid will enter the second year of a four-year, $213 million contract extension he signed in 2021, with a player option through the 2026-27 season. The Knicks have a three to four season window to win a championship and maximize Jalen Brunson’s rapid rise to stardom. Embiid could be the catalyst pushing the Knicks closest to a championship in this time frame.

The Knicks have the necessary assets, including four first-round picks next season, one of which is theirs. Investing some of that capital to form a formidable goalscoring duo of Brunson and Embiid could be worth the price, striking fear into Eastern Conference opponents.