The job of the head coach of Knicks is to lose for Tom Thibodeau

According to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, the belief within the league is that the Knicks’ job is to lose Tom Thibodeu. Thibodeau is reportedly so confident that he will be able to land the job he has already started making preliminary calls to bring together a technical staff.

Despite this, Thibodeau will not be the only interview conducted by Knicks. The current interim coach, Mike Miller, will have the opportunity to talk to the Knicks about the job. Former Brooklyn Nets manager Kenny Atkinson is also expected to speak to the Knicks.

We have heard for several days that Thibodeau is at the top of the Knicks candidate list. All indications are that the former Chicago Bulls manager is equally interested. Nothing is ever a formality with the Knicks, but this continues to appear increasingly likely day by day.