The deafening silence of MSG

The Madison Square Garden is considered the “most famous arena in the world”. It is probably the noisiest place in the city. Yet, at this moment where there would probably be a need to make a lot of noise, deafening silence comes from the MSG.

While team after team in all professional sports leagues in the United States is taking a stand against racism and expressing its support for the black community, the Madison Square Garden Company remains silent.

James Dolan explained why the Knicks didn’t take a stand on the killing of George Floyd, but that’s not enough.

Many fans are expressing their disappointment with this position, with reports of dissatisfaction even among Knicks players.

Condemning racism should not be viewed as a politician. Frankly, it should be seen as the bare minimum.

Going further could be considered risky. Any claims that MSG should highlight would have been dismantled and criticized in one way or another, especially now that they have dragged their feet. It is impossible to dissect such a complicated problem in a tweet and even more difficult for anyone who reads it to fully understand the sender’s intentions.

Surely the Knicks could go one step further and offer to help improve relations between citizens and police in the community. They have the platform and the resources to make a difference.

The Knicks published a completely black Instagram post for #BlackoutTuesday, but still nothing written – and nothing substantial. A request for comment from MSG remains unanswered.