The current Knicks perfect for ‘Prime Melo’

If New York Knicks president Leon Rose can acquire a time machine by Saturday night, he may be able to make one of the most significant transactions of the NBA postseason.

Previewing the playoffs on his “7PM in Brooklyn” podcast, co-host The Kid Mero asked NBA legend Carmelo Anthony which playoff team would benefit most from having “Prime Melo” on board. Considering the way his tenure in real life with the Knicks’ end, Anthony perhaps presented a surprising hypothesis, although the presence of point guard Jalen Brunson justifies his decision and then some.

“To be honest with you, New York,” Anthony said (h/t New York Basketball on X). “I wanted a point guard, I always needed…someone like Andre Miller or Chauncey Billups, I needed someone at that position who was a great guard, you know, could line up, know how to run a team, who could still do what they do they do. I’ve always needed someone like a power forward, a very explosive power forward four, just as tough as Kenyon Martin.”