That’s Why Chris Paul Is Not A Good Option For The Knicks

There is no doubt, Chris Paul is one of the best guards in the NBA. The New York Knicks have always had problems in that role and are in dire need of a guard of great value.

Despite this, however, Chris Paul could not be the ideal solution for the Knicks. According to Forbes, Chris Paul will make $ 41,358,814 next season. Worse still, Paul also has a player option worth $ 44,211,146 for the 2021-22 campaign.

If CP3 only had one year left for his deal, then it would be a different scenario for New York. But that huge option for the player, which we all know he will exercise, should be a failure.

Paul will celebrate his 35th birthday later this week. Assuming that he will remain healthy at 35 and then at 36, it is an act of faith. In recent years he has faced numerous soft tissue injuries. While it was surprisingly durable in 2019-2020, it appeared in only 177 of the 246 games possible in the previous three seasons.

Focusing on Chris Paul, at this moment and under these conditions, could be a real risk for the Knicks.