Steve Stoute, responsibility for reviving Dolan and the Knicks

Steve Stoute, Knicks’ brand manager, is known for his marketing, but thinks he can help attract free agents as well.

Knicks president Leon Rose and senior vice president William Wesley have been hired primarily as a channel to attract stars, but Stoute believes he can form a Big 3.

“With Leon in, World Wide Wes and I, the three of us, we are the best type of team when it comes to talking to free agents,” Stoute said over the weekend on the “Breakfast Club” podcast. “Our relationship with talents to bring them to New York. They haven’t had this level of talent in the past 10 years that they can go out and launch free agents and convince them because New York is fantastic. ”

Stoute was introduced in January to help reload the image of James Dolan and his woebegone Knicks.

According to one source, Stoute is close with Stephen Curry; Klay Thompson; LeBron James; James’ agent, Rich Paul, who also plays Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant; and Durant agent / manager Rich Kleiman.