Stephen A. Smith now wants Devin Booker about the Knicks, not Lakers

Stephen A. Smith definitely wants Devin Booker to be a star.

He believes the Phoenix Suns’ shooting guard is already one. But, in the strong opinion of the ESPN, Booker cannot be a star because of the team he is part of.

Smith loves Phoenix coach Monty Williams. In the past, he claimed to respect General Manager James Jones.

But due to the reputation of owner Robert Sarver, Stephen A. has expressed his deep desire to look at Booker elsewhere for the second time this year.

“I’d like to see Devin Booker in New York. I think he has the kind of talent he belongs to on the big stage, ”said Smith on Tuesday, pointing out that the New York Knicks also have an owner, James Dolan, with a less than ideal reputation in the NBA.

Smith points to optimism for the Knicks’ improvement after Booker’s former agent Leon Rose joined the team this year to lead his front office.

“There are things that are on the swing uphill,” said Smith. “You need a guy who can put the ball in the hole and everyone knows night in and out, as option no. 1, this is a person you have to deal with because he has that kind of skill. I think it’s Devin Booker. I think Devin Booker is a star in this game and I think the problem is that he is in Phoenix. “