Stan Van Gundy: “I don’t care about Knicks, I prefer Nets”

The new era of the New York Knicks collects the first NO. Stan Van Gundy has made it clear that he has no interest in coaching the New York Knicks. At the basis of Stan Van Gundy’s choice, there is disorganization within the franchise: “Everything I have seen in recent years with that organization, said Van Gundy, is extremely dysfunctional”. Van Gundy also claimed that his younger brother Jeff, a former Knicks manager, is another reason for his refusal. Van Gundy said “I don’t care about the New York Knicks. No. There is a family history there.”

Better the Nets than the Knicks

What’s more, Stan Van Gundy has sunk a big blow to the Knicks: “There are no doubts at the moment. Between the Knicks and the Nets, I’ll choose the Nets“, said Van Gundy on ESPN Radio. “The organization has been more stable. They have won multiple games. They have more talent“.