Spike Lee: James Dolan doesn’t make it easy to be a Knicks fan

New York director and Knicks Superfan Spike Lee, who appeared on ESPN first take on Thursday and said Governor James Dolan’s team tests his support.

“Mr. Dolan doesn’t make it easy for me to be a Knicks fan,” he said.

This came in response to the Knicks’ lukewarm public statement regarding protests condemning the systemic racism and police brutality that is happening around the world.

It didn’t help Dolan’s lawsuit that had public controversies with Lee, Knicks legend Charles Oakley and even fans of the team in Madison Square Garden, damaging his reputation with many people in the basketball community. Or that the team has only had three winning seasons in the past 19 years.

However, Lee said he will not give up on the Knicks again.

“My love of orange and blue takes precedence over everything else,” he said, before adding a warning: “At some point!”