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Sources: Knicks offseason player moves should consider adapting with RJ Barrett

Knicks off-season rumors have already caught on as team president Leon Rose may be willing to make a big hit before his team takes the field next season.

But sources tell SNY’s Ian Begley that RJ Barrett will be kept in mind if a move is considered.

The potential moves Begley refers to could be for a veteran like Chris Paul or Russell Westbrook, who could both be in the trading block. They would be expensive contracts to accept, and if they don’t fit a key cog like Barrett, it wouldn’t be smart trade.

Of course, whoever selects the Knicks in the 2020 NBA Draft will also have to adapt to Barrett. Barrett was the Knicks’ third overall pick in 2019 and has shown promising results with his ability to score anywhere on the pitch. Improvements need to be made on both sides of his game, but Rose trusts manager Tom Thibodeau and his staff to bring out the best in Barrett and the rest of the youngsters.

That’s why it makes sense to want players who fit Barrett. Yes, a veteran entering could take precious minutes to some young pieces, but someone like Barrett shouldn’t be hindered by that. If Paul or Westbrook were traded to New York, Barrett’s playing time shouldn’t be affected by two guards.

We’ll see what Rose and her team have in mind, but Barrett appears to be a player they have a lot of faith in to be an impact piece now and along the way.