Should the Knicks trade Evan Fournier?

Evan Fournier emerged as a standout offensive player for the New York Knicks during the 2021-2022 season, putting in career-high performances and breaking records. However, with the arrival of the summer of 2023, the situation took an unexpected turn. Fournier’s limited playing time and defensive deficiencies caused a rift between him and manager Tom Thibodeau, raising questions about his future with the team.

In the summer of 2023, the Knicks are at a crossroads with Fournier. After falling out of the rotation and playing in just 27 games this season with 7 starts, Coach Thibodeau doesn’t believe Fournier’s offensive contributions outweigh his defensive flaws.

Fournier has made the tension between him and the team very clear recently. In a recent interview with Yann Ohnona Fournier said: “I would be very surprised to be a Knick next year.”

Fournier’s removal from the lineup has apparently lowered his commercial value. Teams aren’t eager to acquire the hefty $18 million dollar salary on Fournier’s deal for the 2023 season. In case there are any suitors, the Knicks may have to send more than they’d like to get rid of those numbers.

Fournier still offers an offensive spark when he gets playing time. As this team’s veteran of the Knicks, other young teams looking for that presence might consider acquiring Fournier. After shooting 39% from three-point range in 2022, Fournier was tied with the San Antonio Spurs. Ultimately, Fournier could be in the buyout market as teams would rather sign him than give up players and capital for the disgruntled veteran.