SEC’s Isaac Okoro is an intriguing winger option for the Knicks

SEC standout Isaac Okoro is an intriguing winger option for the Knicks, despite their most obvious need for roster in the on-guard position. Playing as a freshman for Auburn, Okoro showed the size, athleticism and strength a modern forward should have in the NBA.

With an unusual scouting season due to the coronavirus pandemic preventing teams from conducting assessments in person, perhaps new hire Kenny Payne, who coached against Okopo at Kentucky, can provide some additional insight into his potential.

Okoro is a “handyman, master of none in attack” according to The Stepien’s scouting report. In his freshman season, he only shot 28.6% from center with 2.5 attempts per game. Drawing Okoro won’t solve the Knicks’ spacing problems.

However, it would give them a player who can play in transition, finish strong around the circle, and do all the little things that help his teammates thrive.

And the most interesting thing about Tom Thibodeau’s recent signing should be Okoro’s defensive prowess. As much as the Knicks lack shot, they also need to drastically improve defensive presence on their roster.