Sean Marks confirms that Mikal Bridges never asked for a trade to join the Knicks

Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks denied rumors that Mikal Bridges would ask for a trade from the Knicks, complimenting and defending his former player and explaining why the Nets decided to accept the Knicks’ trade offer.

“I think it was reported that Mikal wanted to leave or asked for a trade. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I think that’s not in Mikal’s character, that’s not who he is and that definitely didn’t happen. I told him that when I called him and let him know we’re at the two-yard line.”

Marks made it clear that the Nets would not turn down an offer like the Knicks’, calling it the best fit for the team’s future.

“An offer like this from a team, we’re not going to turn it down… I think this was the best way to go right now, instead of waiting, and we could have kept waiting. I mean, there’s no shortage of people who want playing with Mikal and the like because he’s an incredible talent out there. And we’ll miss him.”

The offer was far too rich for Marks to continue maintaining archaic traditions, such as the Knicks and Nets having not made a trade in over 40 years.

“At the same time, when you get an offer like the one we got from New York, I think that puts us on the right path, on a very clear path to continue to build this team towards sustainable success.”

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